Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hope is Where The Heart Is.

This ad is for the American Red Cross, and stresses how without people willing to donate, The Red Cross is not able to help others.  It appeals to the reader's emotional side and let's them know that even the smallest of offerings can create a huge amount of good.

"I Am"

This is actually an ad that I did as an intern at Creative Alliance.  It's called an "I Am" ad and attempts to bond with the reader through a conversational tone.  In this one I had Dr. Cambre make it known that she has children and understands how important a child's health is to a parent.

"Coffe sleeve"

This is a piece that I did while interning at Creative Alliance.  It's a coffee sleeve for Chestnut Hill Hospital.

Fashion is Sweet.

 I created these as stickers for a local custom bakery, when the owner came to me looking for something "extra" she could do to reinforce her shop's name into people's memory. They're placed on the tops of the cake and cupcake boxes.

Fashion is Sweet. -con-

"Happy Thanksgiving"

This is for the same barbeque restaurant that had me do the mock billboard for them.  They asked me to create a flyer that made people aware they were going to be open Nov. 24.  I'm quite happy to say that not only did this get adapted into a radio spot, but also packed the customers in on Thanksgiving day.   Because of this, they've asked me to do another for them this year.

Pucker Up!

Anyone who has ever stuck one of these vicious little candies in their mouth knows just how ungodly sour they are.  With this being the "extreme" version, I wanted the puckered face to equal it and the witty, play on words headline steel drives the message home.  Overall, this is just one of those fun ads you see in magazines like Maxim.

Tool Time.

Another Creative Alliance product, this was an ad Insight ran thanking the doctors attending the 2011 Doctor's Ball  for letting them be one of the sponsors.  I came up with the headline that was used.

What Are The Odds?

This is one of two billboards for Churchill Downs that I did as an intern at Creative Alliance.  They wanted to let people know that they had other events besides simply horse racing, and that it all would be starting at "Fall Meet".

Buck Wild.

                                  Here's the second billboard.