Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Break Away From The Pack.

The USP of (ri)1 is that while it's a rye whiskey, it's flavor and body makes it decisively different than what is traditionally thought of when buying a rye whiskey.  Using this information, I created an ad that takes something that is seen as traditional (such as the Queen's guard) and added a subtle break from that tradition. 

It's Getting Messy in Here.

This is a mock billboard I did for a local barbeque restaurant.  The owner wanted to see what one would look like, as well as, wanting to see what I could bring to the table to help his business. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hope is Where The Heart Is.

This ad is for the American Red Cross, and stresses how without people willing to donate, The Red Cross is not able to help others.  It appeals to the reader's emotional side and let's them know that even the smallest of offerings can create a huge amount of good.

"I Am"

This is actually an ad that I did as an intern at Creative Alliance.  It's called an "I Am" ad and attempts to bond with the reader through a conversational tone.  In this one I had Dr. Cambre make it known that she has children and understands how important a child's health is to a parent.

"Coffe sleeve"

This is a piece that I did while interning at Creative Alliance.  It's a coffee sleeve for Chestnut Hill Hospital.